Commercial Stuff

Food & BBQ is not my full time occupation, I do have a day job in IT unfortunately. However I set up the company One Man BBQ Army Ltd in 2014 to explore some business options in the barbecue domain. Here’s what we do…

Rubs, Sauces and Condiments

Rubs and sauces form the main part of my commercial activities in food. I spent over five years developing rubs for competition that could match or better their US counterparts. For quite some time this cost me in terms of results but eventually I cracked it. Then people started asking me to make rubs for them and my company was born.

My products are sold exclusively at Go Cook Outdoors with the hardcore competition products sold under the One Man Army brand and some fun and funky rubs for back yard use available under the Taste the Glitter brand.

Undoubtedly, of the OMBA rubs, the one with the biggest reputation is Guerrilla Powder. This is my original all-purpose, competition grade seasoning. It literally works on everything and forms the base layer of all my competitive cooks.

For more information on this bad boy, plus the other products in the range, please head over to

Guerrilla Powder - Winning Dry Rub

My Taste the Glitter product line was developed more for the home cook. They still have some great competition pedigree (Ahem, 2016 Grillstock Grand Champion) but I tweaked the flavour profiles to be a bit sassy and fun.

TTG Seasoning range

Versatile and delicious, my pink rub is a fabulous all-rounder. Subtly smokey, sweet and savoury with a gorgeous little tickle of spice running right through it.

He also works beautifully with so many dishes. Pulled pork is a natural pairing as is any other kind of porky treat. I love using this as a wet rub (with oil and lime juice) to season chicken pieces as well as adding it to chilli and soups.

It also makes  a lovely seasoning for fries and popcorn as well as being killer on home roasted peanuts and cashews.

Taste the Glitter Pink Rub

So sultry and smokey, the  black rub oozes savoury appeal. With a hint of Tex Mex flavour and a warming spice level, this is a perfect seasoning for anything beefy.

He’s a very loving partner for smoked brisket and chuck and my go to when I’m cooking these for family and friends. I usually sprinkle a little black on my burgers  as I’m finishing them off as I find it just adds a lovely extra dimension.

Added into chilli with some dark chocolate or the same approach with mole sauce is another fantastic use for this seasoning. It adds a bold, rich, warming flavour that is truly sublime.

Black Glitter BBQ rub

I blended gold especially for seasoning pig candy. Sweet and sexy with a little kick, this does the impossible and makes bacon better!

This mixture is probably the sassiest of the range though. I absolutely adore it on wings, so much so I’ll often eat them without my beloved buffalo sauce. I probably use this mostly on poultry in terms of meat, but I also love it on roast or sautéed potatoes and as a flavour boost in hash brown casserole or dirty mac n cheese.

As with the pink one, this is a fine seasoning for fries but I recommend mixing 3/2 with sea salt for this.

Taste the Glitter Gold Rub

These three gorgeous products are all available to buy right now and they’re not just for the barbie either! They are also part of GCO’s pick n mix offer which means you could try these and the awesome One Man BBQ Army products for an incredibly low price.

Catering, Festivals & Pop-ups

When it comes to event catering such as weddings, birthdays etc, this is something I tend to do only a few times per year. I turn down many catering requests simply due to the fact my diary fills up so quickly and the time it takes to do a proper job for a special event like a wedding is just not available to me. When I get my team together to do weddings and parties though, what we do is special! If you are interested in having Priscilla cater your special event, please do contact me and if I can squeeze you in, I will. Alternatively I know some excellent barbecue caterers that I can point you at, and I’d never recommend somebody I wouldn’t use myself.

You’ll also find me vending at a few festivals around the country in Summer. Really I treat this as an excuse to go away for the weekend and have some fun while doing some cooking. I don’t often do run of the mill pit BBQ at these events as I like a bit of variety in my life. Maybe I’ll be doing pizzas, or my fabulous wings. You might find me cooking huge tagines of smoked lamb and lovely fresh veggies, or if you’re really lucky, my pizza oven, crispy roast gnocchi with an amazing array of sauces and meats/vegetables.

I usually announce my presence at events via my social media accounts so please do give me a follow using any of the buttons at the bottom of the page.

BBQ Classes

Working in collaboration with I run a handful of classes each year. Class themes and content will vary but we offer full day courses with the focus on competition BBQ, back yard (home cooking) or professional US style barbecue catering. Typical content might be as follows:

  • Competition Class
    • Full disclosure prep of the 4 main categories
    • Injections, rubs and sauces
    • Cooking process
    • Disaster recovery
    • Turn-in presentation
  • Back Yard Class
    • Getting the best out of your type of BBQ
    • Slow smoked meats (brisket, pulled pork, ribs etc)
    • Hot and fast smoke roasting (beef, pork, ham joints, whole poultry etc)
    • Grilling (steaks, kebabs, wings etc)
    • BBQ canapés, snacks and sides.
  • Catering Class
    • Ingredient sourcing
    • Maximising yield
    • Different cook process for different prep times
    • Cooking for sous vide reheat.
    • Labour saving tips and tricks.

All future classes will be announced on this page, the website and through our various social media channels. So why not click one of the buttons at the bottom of the page and give me  a like/follow.