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If you’ve spoken to me for more than 10 minutes you’ll know I’m an avid supporter of the charity Mind, more than half an hour and you’ll probably know I raise money for them as my fabulous alter-ego, Priscilla Queen of the Firepit.

Why Support Mind?

These stats from Mind’s website give good enough reason in my opinion. These are wide ranging issues faced by many people. And then there’s their mission statement…

We won’t give up until everyone experiencing a mental health problem gets support and respect.

Mental health is a deeply personal issue for me. I’ve fought depression and anxiety for years, despite my life looking pretty good to the casual observer. I suffered in silence and didn’t seek help, primarily because I felt embarrassed, that I should ‘man up’.


Since publicly declaring my support for Mind and openly talking about my mental health issues, I’ve met so many people with their own stories and experiences, many of whom have never felt able to talk openly about them. I have to believe we can change this attitude and I’ll do what I can to help bring about this change.

What Team Priscilla Does

The main thing we do each year is entertain the crowds at Grillstock with our meaty antics. Oh and feed them our winning BBQ while shaking our collection buckets. Over the last two years we’ve raised over £6500 at these festivals, we always get an incredible response.

In 2016 we also held a pizza party sponsored by Go cook Outdoors and Uuni, exchanging slices of hand made, delicious pizza for donations. The boys couldn’t get enough of Priscilla’s dough balls!

For 2017 we’re planning even more shenanigans with more events than just the KOTG appearances in the works. Our aim is to pass the ten grand mark before the year is out.

But it’s not all about the money. Several of the girls in the team have experience of mental health problems, by putting ourselves out there, by talking without shame or embarrassment, we reinforce the fact that everyone deserves respect

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What You Can Do

Well the first thing you can do is come to one of our events, have some food, a drink, share a laugh and a smile with us. Talk to us about your mental health experiences, help us make these conversations normal.

You can also, of course, donate to our fund raising efforts. Just click our wonderful totaliser above or head over to to donate via our Virgin Money Giving page.

Alternatively you could head over to Mind’s own donation page where you will find details of making one-off donations via web/phone/post or setting up a regular donation. And I guess while you’re there you might even read the blog post I did for them back in 2015.

Finally, if you have any fund raising ideas team P could get involved with, please, please, share them with us. We’re always looking for new ideas, particularly if they’re fun, fabulous and preferably a little bit naughty too.

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