About Me

Well this feels a bit narcissistic doesn’t it? Writing a section of a website all about myself, I certainly don’t find myself that interesting. However I have found, in the BBQ community at least, I’m somewhat of a curiosity and people do ask a fair few questions about different aspects of my life (mainly when they’re three sheets to the wind). So, what the hell, let’s lay it all out in black and white…

Who is This Stevie Anyway?

Yes who am I? It took me a long time to work that out myself. Here’s a little bit about me and my life if you’re feeling a bit like being a stalker…

Trans & Proud

I hate being labelled but I’ll take the trans moniker and wear it with PRIDE! Maybe you’ve never met a trans person, if you’re interested in learning a bit more, have a read.

Stevie looking FIERCE

Mind Fund Raising

The Priscilla character was actually created to be a fundraiser for Mind.

Weight Loss Journey

I used to be morbidly obese. At 346lbs/157Kgs I was a pretty big boy. I often get asked weight loss advice, I’m no expert but I’ve been there, done it and bought the many smaller t-shirts.

My Love of Food

Where do I start when it comes to food and cooking? Well I’ve always loved eating, far too much if I’m honest. Growing up, my mum was a pretty adventurous cook by the standards of the day. We ate a lot of Indian and mediterranean food, which certainly wasn’t the norm in Wigan in the 80’s.

But, actually getting into cooking myself, I’d love to regale you with stories of family cooking time together in a farmhouse style kitchen, sorry, it would be total BS if I did. My mum is more like Godzilla in the kitchen, when she’s in the flow, you get the f$%& out if you value your personal safety. What set me on the road to being a passionate cook was a very humble meal indeed. The first meal I ever prepared for anyone when I was about 12. Tuna and pasta salad FFS. I was staying with my grandparents and I offered to make dinner for them. At this point pasta was something new and fangled for them, it was potatoes or nothing Sonny Jim! They eyed the table with suspicion, their dinner was cold, that couldn’t be right. But once they started tucking in, you couldn’t stop them, the smiles on their faces, the compliments they paid this simple meal and the general atmosphere around the table is very pertinent memory for me and this was the moment that I realised I love feeding people and the sense of togetherness that breaking bread together can bring.

Then when I went to University I realised that being able to cook was a great way to engage with girls. This was especially true when it came to booze fuelled student BBQ’s. While the other lads cremated Tesco Value burgers and bangers, I used the experience of holidaying in Greece every year to knock out some cracking souvlaki (or porky pantie removers as they became known). Again some of my best culinary memories come from those Summer afternoons with a case of cheap beer, a disposable barbecue, marinaded pork and pretty girls.

And these memories have probably shaped my style of cookery in a major way. Yes I’m fairly well travelled and that has fed massively into my style, I’m a bit of a food geek which means I study the web obsessively to find new ideas, but the driving motivation for me is the joy of casual dining. As much as I like to play with some modernist techniques from time to time and I will dabble in a bit of cake baking or sugar craft, what I get that real buzz from is creating meals with big flavours that feel somehow simple and comforting but deliver complexity in taste and texture that somehow satisfies the soul. Said in a much less wanky way, all I ever want my food to do is put big smiles on the faces of the people I’m feeding. This is what puts a big smile on my face.

What's So Special About BBQ Then?

My true food passion. Whether it’s traditional American/competition style, hot grilling, digging a pit or any other way I can set a raging charcoal fire, I love it. So much in fact it warrants its own page.

18.5" WSM Cooking Brisket

It's About Fire...

Of course, BBQ is not the only way to cook with fire and I love playing with different cooking techniques. I enjoy playing wood fired ovens, tandoors, dutch ovens, pie/waffle irons etc and I can’t wait to share some creative recipes for these devices.


King of the Grill

Princess Life...

As obsessed with food as I am, it’s not the whole me and my friends would never accept it if I wrote a page like this without talking about Princess Stevie.

I wrote about being trans earlier in the page and yes I am somewhat gender fluid. So as much as I’m happy sweating in a kitchen or getting down and dirty with a big fire, I do love a bit of pampering and a bit of glamour too.

My main interests lie in makeup and fashion. I’m a bit of a shopaholic and genuinely a danger to be around when clothes shopping. I have a penchant for beautiful shoes and bags and if my parents ever saw the receipts for some of my collection it would be heart attacks all round.

Makeup is probably the only thing that makes me smile as much as cookery though. I have a huge creative streak and changing my face in weird and wonderful ways is an amazing outlet for this. I think having boy bone structure and features makes this even more fun to be honest. My contouring and brow skills are sharp AF! I promise I’ll write some articles about makeup, I mean I’m not a pro but lots of girls talk tome on this subject so I guess I have some useful tips, tricks and techniques to share.

If you ever bump into me at an event, although it will no doubt be a foodie event, if you fancy talking makeup or shoes, I’m always up for that conversation.